Christopher H. Fox
Executive Director

Elaine R. Balizet
Receptionist / Administrative Assistant

Erika T. Duffy
Membership Benefits Coordinator

Marissa E. Esguerra
Senior Manager, Membership Value

Christopher Flow
Membership E-Benefits Coordinator

Tess B. Gowei
Accounting Manager

Sheri S. Herren
Strategic Programs Manager

Debbie Johnson
Executive Assistant

Lily B. Knol
Editorial Assistant

Carman O'Quinn Long
Exhibits, Sponsorship & Meetings Manager

Carolyn Mullen
Director of Government Affairs

Pooja Gurung Rajbhandari
Meetings Coordinator

Tonya L. Robertson
Senior Accountant

Kourtney Skinner
Senior Manager, Publications & Abstracts

Denise S. Streszoff
Associate Executive Director

Ingrid L. Thomas
Marketing & Communications Manager

R. Darin Walsh
Senior Director of Finance & IT

Leslie Zeck
Director of Meetings


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